New Online Homeopathy Classes

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be starting a new Online Homeopathy Classes soon!  Please contact me if you would be interested in learning more about homeopathy!  Homeopathy is available for everyone – and you can learn to use it with confidence for first aid and acute care situations.

Intro to Homeopathy –  (20 hours) – you must take this class before any others.  This class includes basic principles and you must know how to use homeopathy for your best results!

First Aid Care – 6 hours

Acute Care for Children’s ailments (12 hours)

Acute Care for Women’s ailments (12 hours)

Acute Care for Day to Day ailments (12 hours)

Introduction to Constitutional Care (chronic issues) – (9 hours)

Stay tuned!



Plantar Fasciitis – Ouch

Well – ouch!

I injured my foot strolling rather quickly in the hills of Seattle at a conference recently – and am grateful for homeopathy!  Normally, there is not much a person can do when injuring this part of your foot; however, homeopathy as usual to the rescue along with other “not recommended” treatment.

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Healing Journey Wellness Plan

Homeopathic care is a transformative journey.  Just ask someone who has taken that journey!

Do you want to heal yourself and live the life you’ve always dreamed of?  Do you have physical problems that are holding you back? Do you have mental or emotional problems that keep you from the life you deserve? Are you ready to make a commitment and transform your life?

In order to serve you and assist you in creating your best life; I’ve created a Healing Journey Wellness Plan. Homeopathy is a process and not a quick fix in general.  Your problems have taken time to create and will take time to heal. Because the vital force (with the help of a remedy) is creating the healing from a deep level, and you are actually healing instead of just suppressing your symptoms; this takes time!

I am requiring a 6 month commitment to this process – where you and I are both committed to the journey. I will do my best to assist you in the healing process – remedies, coaching, listening, and more. I have many tools to draw upon depending on your unique situation.  Let me introduce you to the Healing Journey!

The total investment in yourself is $800.00 for 6 months – WOW!  This is big value – just check around! The initial intake (200.00) and a monthly enrollment fee (100.00) includes a monthly appointment, acute care issues that may appear, phone calls, emails and commitment to YOU. Monthly appointments are necessary to assess the process, assess the remedy, assess the potency and to be sure you are progressing as you should.

Make the commitment – you’re worth it!

Call to make your first appointment or for more information!

Payment plans are available; discounts given for payment in full; contact me for details.  Visa, Mastercard, checks, and cash are accepted at appointment.

To make your payment with Paypal – see below.

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Here’s to you and your best life ever!